ETOX: Information System Ecotoxicology and Environmental Quality Targets

Links to other Providers

Date:  2016-11-07


The list of providers below contains some exemplary links which may be useful for the assessment of substances or for the search of ecotoxicity data and environmental quality targets.


1        Databases and Information systems

1.1       Substance databases

ECOTOX Datenbank der US EPA

Gemeinsamer Stoffdatenpool Bund/Länder


1.2       Information systems

Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines (CEQG)

Canada, British Columbia

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

France: INERIS

Normes de Qualité Environnementale et Valeurs Guides Environnementales


Rijkswaterstaat RIZA

RIVM, risico's van stoffen

OECD – eChem Portal

Oekotoxzentrum (Swiss)

Proposals for Acute and Chronic Quality Criteria

Pharmaceuticals: Ecotoxicity data

MistraPharma Wiki Database

UK: Technical reports on Specific Pollutants

Environment Agency, Chemical Standards Database

Umweltbundesamt > Wassergefährdende Stoffe

Substances Hazardous to Waters (WGK-Search)