ETOX: Information System Ecotoxicology and Environmental Quality Targets

Links to other Providers

Date:  2024-05-10


The list of providers below contains some exemplary links which may be useful for the assessment of substances or for the search of ecotoxicity data and environmental quality targets.


1       Databases and Information systems

1.1      Substance databases

ECOTOX Datenbank der US EPA

Informationssystem Chemikalien des Bundes und der Länder (Germany)  


1.2      Information systems

Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines (CEQG)

Canada, British Columbia

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

France: INERIS

Normes de Qualité Environnementale et Valeurs Guides Environnementales


Rijkswaterstaat RIZA

RIVM, risico's van stoffen

OECD – eChem Portal

Oekotoxzentrum (Swiss)

Proposals for Quality Criteria for Surface Waters

Pharmaceuticals: Ecotoxicity data

MistraPharma Wiki Database

UK: Technical reports on Specific Pollutants

Environment Agency, Chemical Standards Database

Umweltbundesamt > Wassergefährdende Stoffe

Substances Hazardous to Waters (WGK-Search)